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Editor (Contract), Content Quality Assurance, TEK Systems, Cincinnati

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    Job Function: Client’s CM Agent Training and Curriculum editors ensure timely and accurate copyediting and developmental editing of printed and online
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2011
      Job Function:

      Client’s CM Agent Training and Curriculum editors ensure timely and accurate copyediting and developmental editing of printed and online course materials. The role includes copyediting to ensure that text deliverables are free from errors in grammar, punctuation, and style. It also includes thorough reviews/corrections for consistency in writing style, terminology, and graphics when there are multiple writers on a project. In addition, editors ensure that writers adhere to Client’s and/or client standards and guidelines, as well as to established development processes. They are also responsible for identifying voice talent and providing audio for integration in Web-based training.

      Essential Functions:

      · Review and edit printed and online courseware/materials prior to delivery to the client. Edit course and course-related materials, technical documentation/training materials, and reference information for clarity and consistency of tone and style.

      · Apply Client’s and/or client style guide rules to printed and online materials. Assist with the creation/maintenance of Client’s and client style guides.

      · Perform developmental reviews and consistency edits of courses in which multiple authors/writers contribute, making all content appear as if written by one author.

      · Work with project teams early in the project life cycle to determine development and editing workflow for all materials, and then ensure adherence to the established processes.

      · Assist writers in ensuring clarity of instructional content to India production teams. Promote overall good communication flow among team members globally.

      Additional Responsibilities:

      · Act as an informal mentor to writers on writing/style issues. Establish and disseminate editorial best practices â€" for other editors and writers â€" by providing constant feedback.

      · Correct and standardize content (format and writing styles) without changing the meaning of the content. Ensure that ideas within the content are thoroughly yet concisely developed.

      · Ensure that all content maps to objectives and that assessment questions map to content.

      · Communicate editorial standards via workshops, training sessions, style guide revisions, etc. Provide feedback in multiple formats/settings to teach writing/editing best practices on a regular basis.

      · Support cross-functional continuous improvement initiatives by providing process documentation, responding to discussion forum topics, and developing biweekly presentations and newsletters.


      · Strong knowledge of the English language and the correct usage of grammar.

      · Ability to comprehend highly technical and complex information. Extensive PC literacy.

      · Ability to find inconsistencies and inaccuracies in written material as well as in visual, audio, and graphics presentation.

      · Excellent editing and functionality testing skills.

      · Knowledge about working in project team environment and general developmental processes.

      · Commitment to meeting deadlines. Ability to prioritize multiple projects.

      · Four-year degree in a relevant field and 3â€"5 years of professional editing experience.

      Duration: 3 months
      Rate: $18-$25/hr
      Location: Cincinnati
      Number of opportunities: 12-14

      Learn more and apply at http://information-technology.thingamajob.com/jobs/Ohio/Copy-Editor-/2217283
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