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Part-time Editor/Designer for United States Canoe Association Magazine

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    Canoe News is USCA s member magazine. Its purpose is to provide articles to inform, educate and entertain its readers. Its focus is the world of marathon
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2011
      Canoe News is USCA's member magazine. Its purpose is to provide articles to inform, educate and entertain its readers. Its focus is the world of marathon canoe and kayak paddling and its subject areas include but are not necessarily limited to reporting on paddling events; paddling, racing and training technique; paddling instruction; youth encouragement; paddling and water safety; marathon paddling competition; nutrition and paddling fitness; history of paddling; biography of paddlers; river and other waterway conservation; canoe/kayak cruising and camping; adaptive paddling.
      Serving as the USCA's member magazine it also reports on and promotes USCA business: the results of its meetings, calls for bids to host USCA events and for nominations to serve as officers, and to receive various USCA service awards. It reports on USCA's national championships, and on the association's other programs.
      Its readers are not only USCA members, but also the paddling community at large, as the magazine serves as an ambassador for the USCA and for paddlesports.
      The job of the editor/designer is to produce Canoe News and fulfill its purpose, described above; to acquire and / or create content for the magazine, and both edit and design it to a high standard to reflect the quality of the association that publishes it, the USCA.
      The duties of the editor/designer include to:
      • Commission, research and write, or otherwise obtain articles, news reports, reviews, images and maps, editing incoming text for correct grammar, spelling, and "house editorial style," and for literary style and length (including copy-fitting to page layout);
      • Work with USCA's President, Vice President, and Executive Director to publish their regular messages, and with committee chairs and other appointees to publish their articles and announcements;

      • Obtain high-resolution images of appropriate quality and, working with images received, gray-scale them for good contrast balanced sharp black and white reproduction for the insides of the magazine, or prepare them for high quality color reproduction for the covers (currently Canoe News prints color covers and b/w insides for reasons of cost;
      • Research the content of images to provide accurate image captions, naming wherever possible the paddlers and other main subjects in the image;
      • Clear copyrights and permissions for free reproduction of all text and images, and append the correct copyright statements acknowledging the ownership of rights to each item;
      • Track and keep up-to-date the names and contact details for all delegates and chairs, and other officers and appointees of USCA, and ensure that such information is included accurately in each issue of Canoe News;
      • Lay out text and images in page design software, proof and/or arrange for proofreading of all text to minimize errors, and provide pdfs and/or other file format electronic documents as required by the printer, to the printer;
      • Obtain final printer's proofs from the printer, and approve or correct them;
      • Negotiate prices from time to time with USCA's current and competitor printers to ensure that USCA continues to get the best price and quality possible; prepare detailed purchase orders to the printer, and review and approve for payment (or challenge and negotiate correction of) the printers' invoices;
      • Research and prepare detailed budgets annually, covering all aspects of the Canoe News operation, and submit these on a timely basis to the Treasurer and Publications Committee Chair;
      • Liaise with USCA's Membership Chair to obtain addresses for printing on (or affixing to) copies of Canoe News for mailing to members, and arrange for such mailing (with the printer or a separate mailing service), specifying which addresses are to be sent by standard bulk rate mail, and which by first class or other service, and provide instructions for other routine and non-routine small quantity shipments of each issue;
      • Arrange and/or keep current USCA's nonprofit, standard (bulk) mailing permits with USPS;
      • Liaise with USCA's Sponsorship Manager regarding print space allocated to sponsors and other parties (for example, ad-swap partners like the Run of the Charles) assisting in design as necessary; track all such commitments to ensure they are met;
      • Liaise with USCA's webmaster to provide USCA's website with complete electronic copies of the final corrected versions of each issue of the magazine in the format(s) requested (currently pdf) plus, as requested, provided original electronic copies of specific images.

      To apply, send an e-mail to USCA President Susan Williams at ladyjustice@....
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