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Senior copywriter, Prosper Inc., Provo, Utah

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    The copywriter plays a key role in Prosper, Inc. s marketing department by writing powerful headlines, engaging marketing messages and compelling calls to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2011
      The copywriter plays a key role in Prosper, Inc.'s marketing department by writing powerful headlines, engaging marketing messages and compelling calls to action for our direct marketing lead generation services. There is also on-going responsibility to create offers and copy that elicit improved response rates.

      Key Responsibilities

      * Write and edit sales copy for Prosper's marketing and lead generation (primarily online), but primarily for online direct marketing lead generation.
      * Recruit and manage outsourced copy and other creative resources as needed.
      * Collaborate with internal graphic designers and developers to effectively convey concepts.
      * Lead the process for identifying and/or creating top performing messaging and products.
      * Work hand-in-hand with media team to identify and secure needs and opportunities.
      * Take the strategic role in designing and implementing new and profitable offer models, lead generation strategies, headlines, pricing models, and creative angles for new and existing offers.
      * Proactively drive all facets of creation and implementation for ensuring the success of campaigns, consistency of our clients' image and objectives, legal compliance and the use of data to meet goals and objectives.
      * Work effectively with diverse personalities and visions.

      Tasks and Work Activities

      * Use various software programs to produce high-quality, effective copy.
      * Write copy for landing pages, emails, online sales copy, direct mail, etc.
      * Determine copy approach, content and format that most effectively meets objectives, deadlines and budget.
      * Collaborate with graphic designers to effectively convey concepts.
      * Conduct factual research when necessary.
      * Review current marketing trends and available data to formulate creative approach.
      * Editing and proofreading.
      * Work with team in brainstorming sessions.

      Education and Experience Required

      * 3-5 years direct response copywriting experience. Proven high converting sales pieces.

      Skills and Knowledge Required

      * Strategic Thinking
      * Campaign Marketing experience
      * Direct Marketing - Online direct marketing experience preferred.
      * Education sales experience a plus.
      * Computer skills including Microsoft Word and Excel.
      * Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
      * Creativity.
      * Ability to work alone or as a team member.
      * Good collaboration skills.
      * Attention to detail and ability to multi-task.
      * Sense of initiative, responsibility and accountability.
      * Ability to take responsibility for meeting strict deadlines, including others who do not report directly to you.
      * Ability to handle sensitive information and issues confidentially and with discretion.
      * Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and challenging work process.
      * Ability to deal with informational products to consumers, not retail.
      * Experience with creating product offers.
      * Experience with directing concepts, angles and pricing offers.
      * Strategic thinking (demographics and recognizing how and where to capitalize)

      Learn more at www.prospering.com and apply online at www.prospercareers.com.
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