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    You ve got opportunities... as an editor at AOL If you are an editor or a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2010
      You've got opportunities... as an editor at AOL

      If you are an editor or a producer who wants to use your skills in a
      whole new way, we've got some amazing jobs for you. We are building out
      the editorial and operations team for the AOL content platform, an
      organization that now combines our Seed and StudioNow freelance networks
      with innovative software tools in order to create the very best content
      on the largest number of topics in the most efficient ways.

      Every one of the manager jobs is appropriate for people with
      considerable journalism experience who want to be pioneers inventing new
      ways to recruit, train, motivate, assign, edit and produce the work of
      creative professionals. (We've also got some other roles for people
      starting out in their careers and looking for freelance editing work.
      See below.)

      The content network has already been used to create city guides on AOL
      Travel <http://travel.aol.com/> , cover NFL and NCAA teams on Fanhouse
      <http://fanhouse.com/> , profile celebrities
      <http://www.popeater.com/celebrities> for Popeater, and write
      biographies of candidates
      <http://www.politicsdaily.com/tag/@seedelection2010/> for Politics
      Daily. And we're just getting going.

      Below are short summaries of the job openings we've got. All but one is
      listed on AOL's corporate recruiting Web site. If you're interested
      please apply on that site. If you're not, please tell your friends. All
      of these are full time jobs and can be based either in New York or
      Nashville, where our StudioNow unit is based. (We want a small, tightly
      knit team, so we're avoiding remote workers for now.)

      Seed Network Manager; View details
      A person to spearhead our efforts to recruit the most talented writers
      and other creators using Seed.com, advertising, social media and other
      methods. The manager will also supervise the screening of potential
      creators to find the best for each task. This job combines knowledge of
      journalism, marketing and a bit of HR. It might be suitable for an
      editor with a lot of experience in hiring freelance writers or someone
      involved in marketing to journalists.

      StudioNow Network Development Manager; View details
      A role similar to the Seed Network Manager, recruiting videographers
      (through StudioNow.com) and photographers (through Seed.com). This job
      requires a lot of knowledge of the equipment and skills used in video
      and photography as well as resourcefulness to find and attract the most
      talented professionals.

      Network Community and Training Manager; View details

      36&JobSiteInfo=602812_36&gqid=0> A role devoted to making sure AOL's
      large and growing network creative professionals have the skills,
      information and resources to be able to provide the very best content to
      AOL's Web sites and other clients while at the same time ensuring they
      find working for us enjoyable, rewarding and advantageous to their

      Editing and quality manager
      This role involves recruiting and managing a network of freelance
      project editors and copy editors to support content platform projects.
      The manager will also develop and supervise processes to evaluate and
      improve the quality of all content the network produces. (This role has
      not yet been listed in the AOL job database. If you are interested send
      your resume in an e-mail with "editing manager" in the subject
      toSeedJobs@... <mailto:SeedJobs@...> .)

      Seed Operations Manager; View details
      This role supervises the operations and production of large-scale
      content projects, which may involve hundreds of assignments that could
      combine the work of writers, photographers, videographers, editors and
      fact checkers. The manager must make sure deadlines are met, obstacles
      are overcome and the overall status is always clear.

      Freelance editing jobs
      We have an increasing number of positions for experienced copy editors
      as well as editors with expertise in specific subjects to help supervise
      certain sections. We're not going to really expand this function until
      we hire the editing manager (above), but if you are interested, send an
      a copy of your resume toeditingjobs@...
      <mailto:editingjobs@...> . Please put the words "freelance editing"
      and the name of any subjects in which you have significant experience in
      the subject line.

      The jobs below are jobs more suitable for people just starting in their
      careers (if these aren't for you, please send them on to anyone you
      think is right):

      Seed Production Coordinator; View details
      Working with the Seed Operations Manager to coordinate large scale
      content projects.

      Network Development Specialist; View details
      Working with the Seed and StudioNow Network Development Managers to
      recruit and screen members for the AOL Creator Network.

      Editorial Intern; View details
      Working with the editorial director of the AOL content platform
      assisting the design, creation and production of large scale content

      We hope to fill these jobs as soon as possible. But we are heading into
      the end of the year, and there may be some unavoidable delays. Don't
      worry if you don't hear from us right away. We'll do our very best to
      keep in touch as we move forward.

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