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  • markallence
    May 1, 2014
      PLEASE RESPOND TO jobs@...

      Financial Statement Analysis: Going Beyond Published Financial Information

      We are seeking a qualified and experienced copyeditor to copyedit the manuscript of our forthcoming title, Financial Statement Analysis: Going Beyond Published Financial Information, following the specification carefully. For full files and details, please see the following link:

      The manuscript uses the note referencing system and in total is c.178,000 words in length.

      We would wish to receive the complete copyedited manuscript (without author queries implemented) ASAP -- please indicate how much you would charge for this project and whether you would be able to take a short test? Also please indicate when you might be able to complete the copyedit at the earliest.

      Note: We use Anthem Press House Style, which is very close to the Chicago Manual of Style:https://wpcpress.box.com/s/kcf0y44kaocqq37to11b

      About the Book: This text differs from other financial statement textbooks in that it not only covers the traditional analysis of financial information, but also corporate governance, ethical and trust models, as well as sustainability issues that is not directly measurable or easily derived from financial accounting reports.  The text also differs in that it provides a modeling viewpoint of information analysis linked with decision makers’ perceptions and judgments before arriving at a decision (e.g., determining whether to invest in a particular company stock or not). In addition, corporate governance and fraud cases are related to financial statement analysis and are presented in later chapters.