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313721st Century, foreign copy editor, Beijing

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  • Daniel Hunt
    Apr 25, 2012
      21st Century, an English-language educational weekly newspaper group, published by China Daily, based in Beijing, is looking for full-time on-site native English-speaking copy editors.

      The job falls mainly into three categories: 1) rewriting and copy-editing stories written by staff and from other media resources; 2) writing headlines, reading proves and contributing ideas in story selection and layout and so on; 3) helping production and development of other editorial materials in the English newspapers, which include writing stories, columns, reviews, doing headlines for our mobile news media and recording stories for readers of our website, etc.

      The ideal candidate would have a university degree in journalism with related journalistic work experiences or teaching experiences, better for teenagers and youth. He or she must be good at writing dynamic headlines in English. He or she must be able to work to a deadline in a team atmosphere.

      We offer competitive benefit package for hired foreign employees, including wage, accommodation, health care, airfare. The job starts in mid August 2012.

      Application before May 25. Those interested to apply, please send your CV and writing samples to lishuo@...; ellen_lishuo@.... or recruit@....
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