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3075Content director, Tasted Menu, Boston

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  • ACESjobs-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Nov 30, 2011
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      Tasted Menu is a website and forthcoming mobile app offering diners an unmatched way to discover the best restaurant dishes. We accomplish this by combining dish reviews and photos from our passionate user community ("taste") with our highly proprietary, company-generated culinary taxonomy and menu database ("menu"). Our start-up aims to become the primary destination for anyone who finds themselves asking: "What's good to eat here?", "Where can I find the best?", or "What are people eating right now?".

      As a Content Director at Tasted Menu, you'll find yourself at the center of our menu database operations, and in particular the expansion and maintenance thereof. Based in Boston, you'll work directly with the Founder & CEO and will be responsible for coordinating with contractors, offshore firms, and our users. As our ideal candidate, you are...

      * Obsessively meticulous and thorough. If people refer to you as "anal," that's a good thing. Like a copyeditor, you should be able to scan dozens of pages of text or data and, within seconds, spot any errors. Style manuals are like scripture to you. Excel is your playground. Data-centric tasks that others might consider rote, you find invigorating.

      * Tenacious and indefatigable in doing whatever it takes to meet aggressive, imperative deadlines.

      * Passionate about restaurants and, of course, restaurant menus. An hour spent reading Eater or browsing Art of the Menu is like heaven for you. You're excited about the opportunity to quickly establish thorough and up-to-date knowledge of restaurant scenes in markets throughout the country.

      * Immersed in the online food world and social media in general. You spend more time than you're willing to admit consuming and producing restaurant content online. You know what makes online foodies tick because you yourself are one.

      We're looking for someone who is energized about being a core part of a team building something that will change the way people discover food and share their dining experiences. If this person is you, please reach out to us at careers@... or apply with LinkedIn on our Careers page (http://www.tastedmenu.com/careers).