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  • Paul Greenhalgh
    Oct 19, 2000
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      A couple of words here, this e-group hovers around Astronomy, but not just
      astronomy. Its kind of like a bunch of astronomers hanging around the water
      cooler enjoying a doughnut. We talk about everything from soup to nuts. Its
      a relaxed atmosphere if you will, a place where professionals and amateurs
      alike can enjoy each other for who they are.

      So be prepared! The like to talk about not only telescopes, or club events,
      but recipes, brenda's super sonic finger waggin Mom! Tony's escapades at the
      Mt.Wilson Observatory, Tom and Bev's retirement observing plans. You name
      it, its here!

      There's a few things you can do here, you can either, allow the email to
      keep flowing to your computer, or you can change your settings to only view
      the messages on the webpage, or set it for a daily digest. Up to you!

      At anyrate I hope you enjoy yourself, and enjoy kabitzing with astronomers
      from all over the world. Its a pretty good group of folks here. And an
      unlimited amount of information and help. All you need do is ask! And
      someone will come a runnin!

      Cheers and Welcome!
      Paul Greenhalgh (Director-Website Editor)
      Fraser Valley Astronomers Society
      British Columbia Canada

      Astronomy Clubs Around the World e-group
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