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9115Astronomer Has Proof!

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  • saratoga60smitty
    Dec 13, 2012
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      The astronomer gazed at the screen disgustedly. He had been off the web for a few years, now he'd just got back on and discovered the world was to end in a week! "Nuts" he muttered to himself "This means the Atlanta Braves won't be in the World Series again!" Stroking his beard he was deep in thought when suddenly his eyes opened wide and from somewhere over his head a light bulb flashed. He rushed out of the observatory and headed to the city. Stopping at a book store he ran inside and wildly searched and found what he was looking for. Quickly paying for the two items, and the obligatory cup of Starbucks coffee, the astronomer dashed outside to the busy street corner. He shouted so everyone could hear "Here's proof the world will not end!". Thrusting his hands holding the two publications skyward he added "Astronomy magazine and Sky & Telescope, both are the January 2013 editions! We have a future!" Steven "Saratoga Smitty" Smith