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9102Re: astroclubs Observingg Sessions

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  • Paul Greenhalgh
    Feb 14, 2009
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      One Energy drink is fine....but I wouldn't drink those back to back! It's become quite a dangerous epidemic in Britain. Apparently people there are drinking the stuff like water.

      I strongly suggest you read the ingrediants before going through a case of that stuff. Some drinks are full of vitamins that are good for you but can have the opposite effect in quantity.

      I like Charlie's method...

      Paul Greenhalgh D.S.W
      Fraser Valley Astronomers Soc. (Pres)
      Merritt Astronomical Soc. (Utilities Director)

      Universe Today

      Sky News Magazine
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      From: Charlie Warren
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      Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2009 5:04 PM
      Subject: RE: astroclubs Observingg Sessions

      I admit I have not tried the energy drinks, but suspect they would be a
      variant of the same with a good dose of sugar and caffeine. Lately (may be a
      sign of age), I have been resorting to hot soup and also carb snacks. These
      help me avoid the jitters, and the refueling seems to help keep up energy. I
      also routinely take a walk around the field every hour or so, which gets the
      blood moving again, which is also important to keep vision acute.


      Charlie Warren
      Editor - Amateur Astronomy Magazine

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      Subject: astroclubs Observingg Sessions

      I have a question,
      We all have done it, ya know Hot choclate,, coffee etc, for all
      night sessions, but what is the thoughts on Energy drinks? good,,
      Bad?/ otherwise?



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