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9096cold observer

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  • Brenda Culbertson
    Jan 10, 2009
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      Hi, All.

      The cold temps have kept many of us inside and not doing much
      astronomical observing. With the new comet telescopically visible, the
      "biggest" Full Moon of 2009 at hand, meteors flying, sunspots popping
      up, and other stuff going on, I know that I am feeling the need to take
      a chance and endure the sub zero temps for a night. Time to don my many
      layers, which is topped off with a snowmobile suit.

      Here is a new term: Astrocicle. That's what I'm going to be after
      tonight. Or maybe "frozengazer". Or maybe just "frozen, old, Indian
      (Native American) woman who wants to look at sky stuff in the winter". I
      wonder what that translates into in the Blackfeet language.

      Of course, I might chicken out and stay nice and warm...after I take
      photos of the "Biggest Full Moon of 2009" tonight.