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9094Dawn of IYA2009

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  • Manoj Pai
    Dec 11, 2008
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      Solar Physics - The Dawn of International Year of Astronomy 2009

      Solar Physics Special Task Group has announced an interesting Project
      called Dawn of IYA2009. This is a sort of an unofficial opening
      ceremony of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. The main idea
      originated that :-

      As new year begins at day break, more appropriately called Dawn. So it
      has been planed to have activities on January 1st 2009, from dawn
      until close to sunset (the end time will depend where you are in the
      world, of course) - Solar Observation Around the World.

      This would be done not only by astronomy centers and observatories,
      but also by amateurs, all of which would register in a simple webpage
      (or directly by e-mail) with the solar physics group. This would be a
      global event, with media coverage around the world is more or less
      guaranteed, and with little to no money spend, we would show to the
      world "hey, there is an event called International Year of Astronomy,
      and it's starting", like a non-official opening ceremony.

      You can ask the various amateur astronomers and group to register
      their activities at the following link




      Amateur groups can also include innovative ideas and activities for
      dawn, like releasing balloons, doves/pigeons, wearing clothings with
      the IYA or Dawn Logos,having somebody dressed up as Galileo etc.

      Manoj Pai