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6409Re: E-Mail Pack-Rat/Where's Steve?

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  • Beverly Whiting
    Dec 15, 2001
      Oh, yes, Jim ... I definitely am an e-mail pack-rat. But as for the
      house, I'm a "ditcher!" I'm glad I've been an e-mail pack-rat cuz I
      have a lot of really cool e-mails sent to me by my (now deceased) Dad.
      Some of them are a real "hoot" to read, especially now, and I'm able to
      share them with my Mom, brother and sisters ... Never underestimate the
      potential value of saving old e-mails :- )

      As for the house, I have a rule: If we haven't worn it or used it for 2
      years, it goes into the #1 or #2 trash bags. I have 3 trash bags ready
      when I get into my "Ditch It" mode:

      1 - Give it away
      2 - Throw it away
      3 - Put it away

      Everything you own fits into one of these 3 categories if you really
      think about it. Another thing that's helped me lately is this simple
      maxim: Don't buy any more stuff than you need! I'm in the "download"
      phase of life here ... Less "stuff" makes life simpler and easier to
      manage. This does not apply to telescopes and eyepieces, of course, but
      to belongings in general ;- )

      Well, that's my "take" here ... our house isn't any more cluttered than
      anyone else's is, from my general observations, but there's always room
      for improvement ;- ) However, you don't want to look at my e-mail Inbox

      W.T. Bev

      Jim Nickel wrote:

      >Hi Bev. You really are an email pack-rat. And I
      >thought I was bad about holding onto emails too long.
      >I'd hate to see your house! I'm glad you cleared it
      >up. I thought of his dad but I didn't want to
      >say...well, you know. Thanks, Jim
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