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6378Advice on scanning negatives

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  • txskywatcher
    Dec 10, 2001
      Does anyone have any information on a device that can scan negatives
      into the computer. I am growing weary of training technicians at the
      local camera store. Photos require 2 trips: One for developing the
      negatives, and the second after I explain that there really is
      something on the negatives. "See the little balck dots! Thats what I
      want. I know there is a lot of dark there. It was night, I travelled
      far and went to great lengths to to get that dark!!!!"
      Amusing the first couple of times, but since I just scan and
      reprocess them anyway, might be nice to have something to avoid the
      prints in the first place.
      Seems like I remember Ed mentioning something, but I could be
      BTW, nice clear (cold - for TX) night last night. I am taking off
      Friday to take the bus out to dark skies, and works nicely for the
      partial solar eclipse as well.
      Thanks for any information,