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Re: Christmas party train

New computers are $299 at Walmart. Sent from my iPhone
Nov 30

Christmas party train

All hands, The Christmas party train will leave at 6:30 pm. Al wants you all to know that, as of today 11/29/17. He told me to let you all know, as he is still
Bob Stark
Nov 29
Nov 23

Fwd: What did you do on your layout today? | O Gauge Railroading On

The cleaned up AF loco is now home at the Museum! Hope they get that floor done in time for the Children's Train...
M. Mitchell Marmel
Nov 23

Kansas City & Memphis presentation in Elm Springs

Hello ABMT NRHS Folks, I just confirmed, I will be doing a presentation on the KC&M this coming Monday, November 20 at 6pm for the Heritage Center of Elm
Mike Sypult
Nov 16

Nov. Meeting

All Hands; The program Thursday Meeting is show and tell. Bring something to tell about, I know you all have some great RR stuff at home that would be of
bob stark
Nov 15

Fwd: Abandoned Railroad Right-of-Ways

"This is a working map primarily of abandoned railroad lines across North America, with layers to include abandonments in other countries, interesting railroad
M. Mitchell Marmel
Nov 6

Re: Member hip list corrections

Will do Sent from my iPhone
Charles Girard
Nov 5

Member hip list corrections

Folks please correct my listing on your list. Bob Stark Charlene Stark Robert Stark, Jr. 2458 E. St. James Pl. Fayetteville, Ar., 72701 Phone 479 935 3387 EM.
Bob Stark
Nov 5

Re: Sign Project

Agree, These look brand new. I will get count of members to you tomorrow Chuck Sent from my iPhone
Charles Girard
Oct 29

Re: Fwd:

Great Sent from my iPhone
Charles Girard
Oct 29

Sign Project

We placed the signs in 2006 with the last being at Schaberg in January 2007. As mentioned some years ago the signs at Greenland and Fayette Junction are in
Thomas S. Duggan
Oct 29

Re: Fwd:

Arts Center of the Ozarks. I portrayed Professor Waldman in the Northwest Arkansas Audio Theater's production of "Frankenstein". :) Mitch On Sun, Oct 29,
M. Mitchell Marmel
Oct 29

Re: Fwd:

What is a aco? Sent from my iPhone
Charles Girard
Oct 29

Re: Actor Mitch

To ABMT Chapter NRHS: Someone has placed and replaced several of the town signs along the A& M ( Winslow and Chester for sure)They do not have the NRHS or A &
Charles Girard
Oct 29
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