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  • Jim Guy
    A very good overview of this topic on the ABANA web site at http://www.abana.org/downloads/Copyright.pdf . This covers affiliate newsletter copyright
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      A very good overview of this topic on the ABANA web site at http://www.abana.org/downloads/Copyright.pdf  .  This covers affiliate newsletter copyright statements, the Hammer’s Blow policy (at least their policy at the time), and general discussion of copyrights from a newsletter editor perspective.


      It was also discussed at the Editors meeting held during the 2004 ABANA conference at Richmond, Ky.





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         Having had this general discussion a zillion times I would like to say that it goes without saying that an editor needs to give credit to both the author  and the  newsletter or other source that the material was taken from. One should get permission from the author before reproducing their work. It is the right thing to do, although not always practical. We (the editors) have an unwritten policy that we share our work with the other editors. We are after all in this together to disseminate information about blacksmithing and metalworking to all of those people that are interested in learning. If someone does not want you to use their work, they will pretty much let you know. The legal ramifications of using someone's work without their permission, as it applies to us, small time, unpaid, newsletter editors...... If you are not making money by selling someone's work that you stole, oops, I mean borrowed, then there is not really much that the original author can do about it. Of course it is always better to avoid an ugly situation and maybe a poke in the nose by asking first or at least giving credit where credit is due.

         As far as safety disclaimers, I personally feel that they are a vital part of any demonstration or discussion or instruction that is presented in the public realm. Several lawyers that I have spoken to claim that when it really comes down to a law suit that disclaimers are not worth the paper that they are written on. Other lawyers say different. I guess that is what lawyers do. I highly recommend posting disclaimers.
      It couldn't hurt.

      dave mudge

      On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 10:13 AM, <ANVILWORK@...> wrote:




      One question I have concerns copyright policy.  Each newsletter has one, although I doubt they are identical.


      Each editor borrows from other newsletters/magazines.  And, since we aren't professionals, we don't always post a legitimate copyright notice each time we borrow and re-print.


      Also, some Affiliate members submit drawings or articles intended for their organization's newsletter.  They haven't thought about reproducing their work in other publications.  Probably not a big problem, but a copyright is a copyright.


      Maybe it would be best to focus on a standard copyright policy that  every organization can live with before we publish to cyberspace.  No matter what  restrictions are placed on who can access a newsletter, one should assume that it will be shared with others in time.


      In a related matter, our newsletter and website carry a safety disclaimer to protect the organization and officers from liability in the event someone gets injured while following instructions for a project.  It might be wise to prominently display a safety disclaimer at the entry page.


      Just ideas for everyone to consider.




      Dave Allen
      Newsletter Editor
      Appalachian Blacksmiths Association


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      I'm currently on the ABANA board and am the Secretary and Webmaster
      and am well aware of the issues of finding a way to easily allow all
      Affiliates to exchange newsletters. As a former Affiliate Editor( I
      gave it up when I accepted a position on the ABANA Board) I know how
      useful the exchanges can be.

      I'm working with both Dave Mudge and Glenn Conner to find a solution
      that will best satisfy these needs. If you have any ideas and
      suggestions please pass them along.

      I'm also looking at the Website and how to change it to better serve
      our membership. Your thoughts and ideas on this will also be
      appreciated, as would any of you that have the skills and TIME to
      devote to assist with the website.

      Bill Clemens

      April & Bill Clemens


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