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468Re: [ABANA_Affiliate_Newsletter_Editors] Tidewater Blacksmiths Guild- New Editor [1 Attachment]

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  • Larry Brown
    Jan 18, 2014
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      Looks good, try to have a good time doing it. Don't be stressed out because
      you don't have original content, most of us use other newsletters articles.
      Some of these articles have been moving around for years and with different
      credits on the same pieces. If I was the author of the piece I would look
      at it as a donation when I hand it in to the editor and just try to be
      happy if it is still being printed 15 years later.

      My only complaint would be people selling the articles, even if to profit
      their group. If I were to sell articles from the NJBA newsletters I would
      only use items I am sure we generated, unless I had authors permissions.

      Getting reports from your own groups meets and original articles can be as
      easy as squeezing blood from stones, do what you can, we all know the idea
      of the newsletters is to get your local information out and to keep the
      ideas flowing, that's why we share them!

      Larry Brown
      Editor New Jersey Blacksmiths (For a long time)

      At 07:40 PM 1/15/2014 -0800, you wrote:
      >Greetings all,
      > My name is Scott Hill and I am the new editor for The Tidewater
      > Blacksmith's Guild. I am new to Yahoo groups and am caught in a very
      > steep learning curve. This email is both an introduction and a test for
      > me. I hope it all works out.
      > I think, I have attached the September Newsletter (another test). I am
      > new to the editor position and welcome any and all suggestions for
      > improvement. It has been a while since we have published a newsletter
      > and I am having a hard time with getting the membership to send in
      > material so most of what you see in this issue is on the fly from
      > me. The January issue is waiting for the TBG president to approve and I
      > will send that out. It has a bit more from our membership but I also
      > included a page from the BAM newsletter that I hope I used appropriately
      > per the rules and gave credit for. If not please let me know and I will
      > fix it.
      > I am looking forward to this adventure and working with all of you on
      > this and again any and all suggestions are appreciated.
      >Thank You,
      >Scott Hill
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