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cde-T - The group for young gay people!

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    Media-Storm.co.uk Group: cde-T-subscribe@egroups.co.uk Info: www.egroups.co.uk/groups/cde-T Description If you re a young gay male and love
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2000
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      Group: cde-T-subscribe@...
      Info: www.egroups.co.uk/groups/cde-T

      If you're a young gay male and love male celebrities then this is the group for you. Covering topics from TV, to movies, from sports to the guys next door, this group focuses on it all! The group has access to an extensive website offering pictures, information, celebrity profiles, chat rooms, downloads, interactive bits, competitions and much more. Coming soon, the group is set to launch an offline magazine to complement online activities. Attachments allowed, access to files and the database section is available and pictures can also be downloaded from the website(s) too!

      Why join this group?
      Simple! There are many groups out there aimed at lovers of celebrities but how many of them are aimed at a gay audience? Give it a go and see what we can offer you!
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