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  • strgwilled
    Apr 26, 2002
      Group Name PoliticsAREus
      Group Email Address PoliticsAREus@yahoogroups.com
      Homepage Address Group Description Each and every one of us has, at on time
      or another, taken a Political stand over one thing or another. Maybe we do
      this around Election time. Or maybe it is after the elections are over that
      our opinions spill out. Whatever the case, it is here you can discuss what
      ever Political issues you desire. A healthy debate of the issues and/or the
      individuals involved is a RIGHT we all have. Let's have some healthy
      "banter" and see what develops.

      Please, no FLAMING (personal attacks of others on the list) and no posting
      of non-political issues. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I hope
      you will all find this a great place to express them as well as debating
      those of others.

      Additional Moderators Wanted: Contact List Owner (off-list please :))

      Let the Debates begin!
      Primary language English
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