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    Jul 23, 2001
      * AAnnounce @ Topica
      One of the Oldest List Announcement Lists @ Topica! Providing
      you with a great mix of Old and New list announcements!

      * AAnnounce-Subscribe@...
      * Nearly 500 Members and Growing!!

      A Strictly Enforced "No Spam" Policy provides you with what you
      are looking for: Newsletters and Discussion lists!

      No Web Page Announcements, BizOps, MLM, Pay-to-surf, or
      GetRichQuick schemes allowed!

      * Announcements may be posted Once Per Week.
      * Only One Announcement Per Message, please!

      All announcements are Required to have the List Name in the
      Subject line. A brief List Description along with Subscription
      directions required in the message body!

      Please avoid inclusion of web site URLs. They might cause your
      list announcement to be deleted as a Web Page Announcement.

      Submissions that don't meet these minimal requirements will be
      deleted without notice.

      We do NOT accept any "Safe List" announcements since "Safe
      Lists" foster more Spam. Please do Not submit them to this list.

      Join Today! Start receiving the Best our members have to offer!

      * AAnnounce-Subscribe@...

      * If you are looking for a list or you have a list you
      * want to AAnnounce, Join Us! Or you'll wish you had!

      * Posting Address: AAnnounce@...


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