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10818ListHelp - for managers/moderators/owners of lists everywhere

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  • John T
    Jul 13, 2012
      ListHelp - for managers/moderators/owners of lists everywhere

      Join us if you are looking for a friendly place to find help and hints for
      managing your group, ownership + tech problems, and how to promote your group.
      And No, you don't have to keep your group at YahooGroups. We welcome anyone
      using any listserver. ListHelp is moderated by experienced list owners.

      While we are primarily a "management" group, all members are welcome here.
      Non-management members can learn why their group moderators do the things they
      do :)

      New members are encouraged to check the ListHelp Links/FAQs.

      We will do our utmost to aid you anyway we can! If we can not come up with a
      correct solution, hopefully we can point you in a direction to get you on your

      You are encouraged to ask any question you might have. There are no trivial or
      stupid questions, so ask away: We were all newbies once!

      On topic discussion about group ownership/management is encouraged.

      To subscribe via email:

      To join via web and to read our member Guidelines, visit:

      Thanks for checking out our announcement.

      Feel free to recommend our group to those you feel might benefit from its
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