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  • John T
    Jul 13, 2012

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      Like many other groups, this one has fallen by the wayside over the years...
      perhaps it is time for it to be revitalized?!?

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      With Wars and Political unrest making the headlines, I wanted to provide a forum
      for discussing the events that are transpiring around the world.

      Perhaps this will help provide a better understanding for those of us who aren't
      directly involved in those events. How will history look upon these current

      Or any other events of current Political interest? NATO? The Middle East?
      Russia? China? The Pacific Rim? OPEC? Egypt? Libya?

      Current tensions in the Middle East should provide good fodder for discussion.
      Does it concern you that Iran and others are going nuclear? Share your views!

      No Flaming allowed but spirited discussion is encouraged.

      You are expected to exhibit self-restraint in your messages. Remember to direct
      your responses toward the Ideas and not the people with whom you are exchanging

      To subscribe: War_and_Politics-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or
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