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10808Caitlin's quick sale, cafe, need active members!!

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  • Caitlin
    Jun 16, 2012
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      Caitlin's quick sale, cafe:
      Pull up a seat, relax and enjoy yourself. Because this is a place where anybody can join and sell, barter, buy, offer ect stuff all the while having fun at the same time. If you wanna just shoot the breeze or sell an item thats just taking up too much room in your home then this is the place for you. also a place where you can place your pet up for adoption, look for pet toys, urgent care needed, ect. Have somethihg interesting you wanna talk about, feel free to share it. Wanna make some friends while selling what you got, go ahead and do that as well :) This is a relaxed atmosphere where its ok to sit back and enjoy yourself, while your buying an item from someone. Grab a coffee and donut and just sit back. When pricing your stuff, think of how much you would actually pay for it yourself if you saw it at a garage sale, and if you have a set price in mind on how low you wanna go then offer that to the person who wants your stuff. You can also join if you just wanna talk about random stuff, you dont have to join to sell, or buy stuff. You can join purely because you wanna have fun, make friends and talk about anything you want. It's up to you, the sky is the limit. :)

      Stuff you can post(it has to be PG-PG-13 stuff) :
      For Sale
      Random stuff like conversations
      Wanting to buy
      Animal rescue wish lists
      Animal rescue or pet owner animals up for adoption
      Fun getting to know you surveys
      Animal rescue transports needed
      job searches
      Tag/yard/garage/moving, ect sales
      adverising your own groups or webpages
      ect, ect the sky is the limit, as long as its not x rated stuff of any kind then you may post about it.

      so sit back and have fun :)