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    Nov 14, 2011

      This is the original RPG_Player_Sanctuary. Accept no imitations!

      If you see Role Playing online as a hobby, you have found the right place. This
      list is solely dedicated to Online Role Playing Games. Here members can post and
      read advertisements for SERIOUS role playing games, post requests for game
      titles and links for subjects you are interested in and speak freely as a
      serious role player. You are welcome to advertise your own game, create polls,
      add bookmarks to the links section, use the chat room and start threads in
      search of advice on anything concerning role playing online from how to go about
      character development to how to dismiss a player who is rampaging your game to
      how to make your game more user friendly. If you want to get the word out about
      your role playing game (RPG) to serious players, please join. If you are a
      serious player in search of a few new good games, please join. Games based on
      novels, comic books, films, television shows video games, theatre, sports and
      original ideas are welcome to be advertised here. Every genre is welcome:
      Horror, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Fantasy, Mystery, Reality, Historical,
      Adventure, Romance, Crossovers and all others. All forms of online RPGs are also
      welcome including YahooGroups, Play-by-Mail (PBEM) as well as other servers.



      When joining, please mention where you found out about this group!
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