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  • dcoleman@aztec-net.com
    Sep 1 7:45 PM
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      Everyone faces challenges in their lives. Those who are going through
      difficult times, whether because of illness or other challenges life throws
      at us, are invited to subscribe to Challengers !

      If you face relationship or family problems; if you face changes in
      employment; if you are disappointed, lonely or hurt ; if you or your spouse
      are retiring, if you or someone close to you is dealing with injury or
      illnesses; or if you are facing other challenges... you are not alone.
      Challengers is full of tidbits, tips, insights, and even something to make
      you smile. Let Challengers help you begin to approach your challenges in
      ways that work for YOU & help you to move forward in constructive ways.

      To subscribe http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/Challengers