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10018Photoshop-Haven (Bigger & better than ever / Weighing in at approx. 1100!)

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  • Roz Fruchtman
    Jun 28, 2002

      My name is Roz Fruchtman. I would like to invite you to join us at
      Photo-Haven Discussion Group -- Where the novice and professional learn
      from each other!

      Since late August 2001, when the group originated, it has grown to
      approximately *1100* to date, thus making Photoshop-Haven a viable
      contender in the Photoshop help community.

      TO SUBSCRIBE: mailto:photoshop-haven-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Photoshop-Haven is an on-topic professional discussion group and caters to
      -- anything related to -- Adobe Photoshop and it's plugins. We plan to
      bring the novice and professional together to share ideas and become more
      proficient using this dynamic program.

      I have learned... Art can be found anyplace, anytime, under any
      circumstances. I have even taken to carrying *three* digital cameras with
      me everywhere. The ugliest picture/image can be turned into a beautiful
      original work of art just by using the proper filters -- both built-in and
      plugin. The fact that I review also opens up opportunities -- from
      time-to-time -- for discounts to seminars/workshops given by leading
      educators in the Photoshop industry.

      The *only* limits in designing digital art are the limits one puts upon
      themselves. Won't you join us so we can continue to create beautiful
      artwork together -- and learn from each other. The best tips and
      techniques that I use daily were gained by asking strangers how they
      achieved a certain affect, and them unselfishly sharing with me.

      See you on the list!

      TO SUBSCRIBE: mailto:photoshop-haven-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Roz Fruchtman