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924Re: [AAblackbarbiecollectorsclub] Black Cheerleader ken

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  • Kia Jefferson
    Jun 29, 2013
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      Hello everyone

      I totally agree with what pabboo said about the black cheerleader doll!!!!

      I'm still waiting and praying on a black ken silkstone or a repro BRAD

      I just don't get it! I wish I would have bought more than one black barbie basic male doll cause that sold out quick too !!!!

      Hope to see everyone @ convention

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      Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 12:37:23 -0000
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      Subject: [AAblackbarbiecollectorsclub] Black Cheerleader ken


      Its no wonder the black Cheerleader ken doll sold out so fast! This should be a wake up call to Mattel for collectors wanting more dolls of Diversity! even though he has the same face as the basics black ken doll this doll is articulated so you can pose him differnt ways. So many collectors were disapointed they missed out on him just goes to show you that mattel does not make many black dolls anymore especially the collector dolls. I had the paint a mustace on mine which gives him a totally differnt look

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