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aquatic (was: Re: sweat (Dissecting the Aquatic Ape)

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  • Marc Verhaegen
    Mario Petrinovich wrote in message news:bt0n2t$bub$1@ls219.htnet.hr... ... excellent name. Because, Is it REALLY aquatic, or is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2004
      "Mario Petrinovich" <mario.petrinovic@...> wrote in message

      > BTW, this is precisely the reason why I think that Aquatic Ape Theory is
      excellent name. Because, "Is it REALLY aquatic, or is it not, is it more, or
      is it less.", my god . Who the hell cares? The people who don't know
      better. -- Mario

      Elaine used hat term at the time to contrast it with Morris's "naked ape",
      an excellent idea IMO, but prof.Tobias told us the term "aquatic" might have
      scared a lot of PAs who don't think much further than their first
      impressions. I don't see any reason to not use "AAT", it's very short, and
      everybody (except some unimportant fanatics we're losing our time with here)
      knows what it is about: that human ancestors once got part of their food
      from the water.

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