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33616Re: [AAT] He: hand axes

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  • Pauline M Ross
    Feb 1 1:39 AM
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      On Thu, 26 Jan 2006 23:00:32 -0300, "Gerard Michael Burns"
      <gmburns@...> wrote:

      >Awesome to the max. He has nailed it. No doubt. And I usually don't talk
      >like that.

      A cautionary comment: I haven't yet read the whole article, but I
      should point out that the idea of hand-axes as cores to produce flakes
      is one of the earliest proposed explanations for them. However, the
      symmetry, the carefully produced shape and the continuing production
      for over a million years suggests there was something more going on.

      I will comment further when I have read the article in full.

      Pauline Ross
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