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  • Arthur Sheehan
    Hi again Art As some added info, below is the 1952 final Conference report section. Cheers Arthur Policy Session FAMILY GROUPS More time was spent in reviewing
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      Hi again Art

      As some added info, below is the 1952 final Conference report section.



      Policy Session


      More time was spent in reviewing and discussing the past, present and probable future status of so-called "family groups" than was devoted to any other item on the 1952 Conference agenda. An extra full session of the Conference was convened solely for the purpose of permitting expression from all delegates who wished to be heard on this topic. Recordings of the two meetings show that nearly 30 delegates were heard--a number of them rising to speak several times.

      Here is how the two sessions on this provocative topic might be summarized:

      1.      FAMILY GROUPS ARE NOT A NEW DEVELOPMENT. Wives of the earliest members used to get together in Akron in the first days of the Society. The first "group", Bill said, was comprised of wives who met on the second floor of the 24th Street Clubhouse in New York City.

      2.      FAMILY GROUPS SEEM HERE TO STAY--AND ARE INCREASING RAPIDLY. A year-and-a-half ago, there were only about 50-to-70 groups. Now Bill and Lois know of more than 250. Urged by Bill, Lois and several other volunteers have attempted to serve as a "clearing house" for the expanding movement.

      3.             FAMILY GROUP REPRESENTATIVES HAVE AFFIRMED THEIR DISTINCT ENTITY. The family groups are filling a distinct need, according to the evidence from areas where the idea has taken hold, and the groups are not seeking to use the "A.A." name. As a movement with local groups in all parts of this country and in Canada, the non-alcoholics have their own committees and their own program. As now set up they do not impinge on A. A. and do not seek to do so.

      4.             DEVELOPMENT OF FAMILY GROUPS IS VIEWED SYMPATHETICALLY IN VIRTUALLY ALL AREAS. Only two delegates out of 77 came to the 1952 Conference with instructions from area committees that might be con­strued as critical of the family group movement.

      5.      REPORTS OF FAMILY GROUP DEVELOPMENT ARE CARRIED IN THE "GRAPEVINE," WHEN NEWSWORTHY. Historically, the "Grapevine," from its first issue, has carried news of non-A.A. happenings when they relate to the interests of A.A. readers, directly or indirectly. The Con­ference, in a special resolution, affirmed its support of this traditional "Grapevine" policy.

      6.             DELEGATES TO THE 1952 CONFERENCE APPROVE UNANIMOUSLY THE WORK THAT LOIS AND BILL HAVE DONE TO ENCOURAGE AND SUPPORT THE SOUND GROWTH OF THE FAMILY GROUP MOVEMENT. This sentiment, framed in a special resolution at the close of the final policy session, was adopted by an enthusiastic standing vote of all delegates.

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      Hi Art


      AACOA    AA Comes of Age, AAWS

      BW-RT    Bill W by Robert Thompson

      GB           Getting Better Inside Alcoholics Anonymous by Nan Robertson

      GTBT      Grateful to Have Been There by Nell Wing

      LR           Lois Remembers, by Lois Wilson

      WPR        Women Pioneers in 12 Step Recovery, by Charlotte Hunter, Billye Jones and Joan Ziegler

      1951 - Apr. at the close of the 1st General Service Conference, Lois W, with her close friend and neighbor, Anne B, invited the delegates’ wives and local family group members to Stepping Stones to discuss an organization for what was then called AA Family Groups. (LR 174-176, WPR 69-70)

      1952 - Jan. 9, the first AFG Hq (the Clearing-house Committee) was set up at the 24th St. clubhouse in NYC. (LR 174-176). In Mar., non-alcoholic groups, previously using names such as AA Helpmates, AA Auxiliary, Triple A, Non-AA, AA Associates, etc. established the name of Al-Anon Family Groups for their Fellowship. (LR 176, CB 142) AFG sent a memorandum to AA asking permission to use its Twelve Steps. AA agreed unofficially but its members felt strongly that AFG should be a separate society and not a subsidiary of AA. (LR 176)

      1953 - Sep., Al-Anon Family Groups adopted an adaptation of the Twelve Traditions of AA. (LR 177-178)

      1955 - Jul. 1-3, 20th anniversary and second Int’l Convention at St. Lois, MO. The first AFG book The Al-Anon Family Groups was released at the Convention. (AACOA ix, 32-34, LR 180)

      1960 - Jul. 1-3, 25th anniversary and 3rd Int’l Convention at Long Beach, CA. AFG members present at the Convention voted to approve a plan, similar to AA, for an annual conference of delegates. AFG groups later affirmed the action. (LR 181)

      1969 - Apr., the 19th General Service Conference (GSC) recommended that: (a) the GSC approve the recommendations to incorporate into existing AA Guidelines the questions on how AA and Al-Anon can cooperate with regard to central offices and area and regional get-togethers and conventions and (b) the GSC approved a resolution of gratitude to AFG.

      1986 - Sep. 12-16, the first permanent International Al-Anon General Services Meeting. (AFG pamphlet AR-2)

      1988 - Oct. 5, Lois Burnham Wilson (age 97) co-founder of Al-Anon Family Groups, died. (AACOA xi) Her contributions to the AA and AFG Fellowships entitle her to be considered co-founder of both. Michael Alexander, past Chairman of the General Service Board is cited “many AAs today feel their lives are owed to Lois as well as Bill, Dr. Bob and Anne S.” (WPR 53)



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      From: Art B
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      Subject: [AAHistoryLovers] AA Auxiliaries

      Dear members,

      cdknapp sent some 1951 conference decisions. One is as follows:

      From: cdknapp [mailto:charles@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 1:43 AM
      5. "It is the sense of this Committee that the subject of A.A. auxiliaries
      or family groups should, be taken back to local groups for further
      discussion and be considered at the 1952 General Service Conference."

      The Conference voted, affirmatively to support the opinion of the Committee.

      What did the local groups discuss and the 1952 Conference consider or

      Art Boudreault

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