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Picture of AA Big Book War Edition, 1940's green camouflage for soli

Good Morning Greetings fellow recovery friends, I'm seeking a copy of a picture of an AA Big Book War Edition, 1940's green camouflage primarily for soldiers.
May 23

Re: Big Book divine in nature

Bill Wilson may provide some answers in the book Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age (AACA), which he authored. In AACA Bill says that by early 1938 some of the
May 20

Richard Peabody

Can someone tell me who pointed Bill to the "Common Sense of Drinking"? Was it Rowland? Silky? Ebby? Could he have read that book before he went into the
May 20

Re: Format and scope of AA Meetings 1935-39 in Akron and NY

AKRON: Glenn Chesnut, AA and Oxford Group meetings in Akron and Cleveland: 1938-1942  A short description of how the earliest AA meetings were conducted in
Glenn Chesnut
May 18

Format and scope of AA Meetings 1935-39 in Akron and NY

From: (recoveredalky at gmail.com) Hi fellow AAHistoryLovers This is "martian" Ken in Cleveland, Ohio I am trying to determine the
May 18

Lemon Tree

Does anyone know the significance of the Lemon Tree in AA ? I belong to a history group in Tampa that Sandy B. started. I remember Sandy telling me why the
May 18

Re: Big Book divine in nature

THE  WHOLE  BIG  BOOK: See Pass It On, Chapter 11, pp. 193-206, for the entire story of how the Big Book was written: pp. 197-199 twelve steps (by automatic
Glenn Chesnut
May 18

Big Book divine in nature

From: (mikerozza at ymail.com) I don't know if this is so.. Anyone who has information on it I would be very grateful to learn.. I may be
May 18

Quiet Time vs. moment of silence

From Glenn Chesnut, tompasek, Rick T., Scott Chambers, RedHedd ....................................................... From Glenn Chesnut =
Glenn Chesnut
May 18

Re: Has sobriety date always meant since continuous sobriety?

From: eze_kiel03 (jennylaurie1 at hotmail.com) The foreword to the second edition of the Big Book (1955) notes that 'public
May 13

1935 Buffalo Nickel

From: (luvwindnwater at yahoo.com)  Thank you Glenn and all others.....I am very fond of reading AA history. And to Richard H. I
May 13

Re: Give your historical sources: Ernie Kurtz, Nancy Olson, Glenn Ch

Historical facts, sources, evidence... As a first year undergraduate I learned the difference between primary and secondary sources. A classic example of a
May 13

Re: 1935 Buffalo Nickel

Jefferson nickel was mined in he fall of 1938. In a message dated 5/12/2015 8:17:09 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, AAHistoryLovers@yahoogroups.com writes: 1935:
May 13

Re: Fwd: [Indyfourthdimension] Exactly eighty Mother's Day's ago

Enlightened Members Can anyone shed ANY specific details or anecdotes of what Bill and Bob discussed on that important day? Five hours is a long time to talk,
Chuck Parkhurst
May 13

Re: First Appearence of "Co-Founder"

Hey Bill, In the program for the Twelfth Anniversary of the forming of Alcoholics Anonymous, June 14th and 15th, 1947 at the Masonic Auditorium, Cleveland, OH,
May 13
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