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Where was the Partisan Review published during the 1930s?

From: bill_d89 (bill_d89 at yahoo.com) =====================================Note from the moderator GFC:Did the early New York AA people
Jul 27

Liz B. sobriety date July 11, 1952

From: rrecovery2002 (rriley9945 at aol.com) I have a Big Book that Liz B signed years ago and the sobriety date she put was 7/11/57.
Jul 27

Re: First Woman in AA to achieve long term sobriety

ALICE S. FROM BROOKLYN From: Jim = momaria33772 (jhoffma6 at tampabay.rr.com) Hi All, I like the idea of a group of early women.
Jul 27

Re: Marty Mann, Sylvia K., and Sybil C.

From: John B. = jax760 (jax760@...) After Marty had slipped in 1939, Sylvia K. (SOB September 1939) became the woman with the longest
Jul 27

50 year plus oldtimers at the Atlanta International

Is it possible to get a list of the old timers (50 years or more) -- first name, last initial, town or city -- who attended the AA International in Atlanta in
Jul 27

Thanks John for the note about memory lane. Also, a story about anon

Dear John and Group. John, thanks for your note and yes I think all your info was accurate. Sybil and Bob Corwin (her 5th and final husband for about 35 yrs
Matt Masterman
Jul 27

Re: First Woman in AA to achive long term sobriety

 Hello Group,      There was actually another sober female inCalifornia before Sybil.  Starting onpage 92 in AA Comes of Age, it talks about Chuck and
Charles Knapp
Jul 26

Re: First Woman in AA to achive long term sobriety

Jane Sturdevant died 21 Aug 1974 at the age of 80. Buried in Riverside Cemetery in Cleveland OH. sobriety status unknown at her time of death. Sent from my
brian koch
Jul 26

Clarence S.

Dear AA History Community, I am putting together a power point AA history for a presentation in Cleveland, OH. in August. I am in search of photos of Clarence
Jul 26

Re: [AAHistoryLovers] First Woman in AA to achive long term sobriety

Liz B must be the longest now -- was there perchance a woman in the SW(?) with longer sobriety who died a few years ago. And the longest women’s sobriety in
J. Lobdell
Jul 21

Sybil Corwin and Marty Mann

From: (pupmasters@...) Hello all, Matt Masterman here. It is my understanding that Marty Mann had over 20 years when she had a
Jul 20

YouTube video of Carl Jung

From: Laurie = (jennylaurie1 at hotmail.com) YouTube video of Carl Jung Face to Face with Carl Jung: 'Man Cannot Stand a Meaningless
Jul 14

Re: Basic Text vs Textbook

From: Patrick Murphy = (paddymur at yahoo.com) Text vs Textbook?....I always keep in mind that our Big Book is really a history
Jul 14

Re: First Woman in AA to achieve long term sobriety

From: (cugjp1 at yahoo.com) Can someone elaborate on Marty and Sylvia's connections to Chicago?
Jul 13

Norman Shepherd

Thanks for all the great info on Norman.  Can anyone point me towards a photo of him? In service, Tim Bradley 917.361.7343 Thanks for all the great info on
Jul 13
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