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Feb 1

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Re: 1994 LT1 high idle. Check the tps I had that problem changed it out with a new one ran like a champ. Sent from my iPhone ... Check the tps I had that problem changed it out with a

Cesar Jimenez
Jan 31

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Re: 1994 LT1 high idle. I had the exact same problem except no codes ever worth room and I chased this problem for over year testing out new IAC changing the connector to the IAC

Garner A
Jan 30

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Re: 1994 LT1 high idle. When my car would stick on high idle, what I found was the throttle body was gummed up behind the throttle blades- I had to clean the intake with a toothbrush

Will Northup
Jan 25

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1994 LT1 high idle. I'm hoping somebody here may have had this problem before and give me some ideas. I'm having idle issues. It will idle great (800 rpm) when cold. Once it

Jan 25

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Re: What happened?? Catalytic converter help request Bummer about the cats! I had mine up for sale super cheap last year on the ISSF and nobody wanted them, so I eventually scrapped them. Good luck finding

Brian Coleman
Jan 24

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Re: What happened?? Catalytic converter help request I feel the same way about the new PPVs. It looks great in the front end, but I just can't get sold on how butt ugly the rear end is! Reminds me of a Kim

Jan 23

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Re: What happened?? Catalytic converter help request Rafael & others, I'm still a B-body nut and have a collection of rust-free Arizona 9C1s. My wife is encouraging me to thin the herd, so I'll have a few for

canyon hiker
Jan 23

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Re: What happened?? slightly off topic, i test drove a 2013 ppv today and i was really excited about it but as soon as i got in the car i felt like i was sitting in a honda... the

Jan 22

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Re: What happened?? I am still here..........My 95 is at 151,000 mi......been through 2 water pumps (one under warranty) Got the first from dealership put it on my self......2nd

Mr. L. Harris
Jan 18

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Re: What happened?? The disappointment is in the changing face of Communications It's the lack of communication thru the group, The lack of questions to be answered. I still drive

Jan 18

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Re: What happened?? ... My car runs, but I'm tired of wrenching on it. Also, I don't have a garage to work in at the moment, and odd gremlins I need to solve. -- Kris Kirby,

Kris Kirby
Jan 14

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Re: What happened?? ... Why? Is there something special about the Impala SS? I thought it was just the WX3 option on the B-body production line. :-) My dad's '94 Impala SS is

Eric Michael
Jan 13

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Re: What happened?? I agree its not the same but many of our beloved cars are gone or sold to third/forth owners who donk them. I still have my 94 9C1 and 95 9C1. both daily

Garner A
Jan 12

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Re: What happened?? From: "buggs69us@... [9c1]" <9c1@yahoogroups.com> To: 9c1@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 7:30 PM Subject: [9c1] What happened??   I

Jan 7
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