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Edition 1, 02/26/2005

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    No Taller Than Coconut Tree (Vol 1, 02/26/2005) Members of the Bali s House of Representatives (DPRD) are debating whether certain areas in south Bali should
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      No Taller Than Coconut Tree
      (Vol 1, 02/26/2005)

      Members of the Bali's House of Representatives (DPRD) are debating whether certain areas in south Bali should be dedicated for pilot model of multilevel housing complex.

      Citing a reason that the fast-growing south could no longer afford to turn its open land into building compound, they suggest that such certain areas should be allowed to develop "skyscrapers" to cope with the ever growing population. However, such an idea is quickly challenged by other members believing that the move could, sooner or longer, turn Bali into concrete jungle.

      Balinese never build home or any other structure higher than a coconut tree, or over 15 meters from the ground, as sanctified by Hindu. The 10-storey Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur is the only exception. The hotel is built by then authoritative President Soekarno, himself actually was half Balinese, arguing that as an important tourism capital, the island should have an international icon of five-star accommodation.

      Few years later the government set up regional edict that no more tall building is allowed. Coconut, the tallest domestic tree, the most important part in Balinese ritual ceremony, is adopted as the "height" measure. The three is believed as the only skyscraper reaching the realm of gods.

      Easter Cricket Kicks Off
      (Vol 2, 02/26/2005)

      Bali's Easter Cricket 6s Tournament is kicking off March 25 - 26 held over Easter once again, from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th March.

      Now on its eighth tournament, this year's event will certainly be a bigger and better as of 19 February, 2005, eleven teams have confirmed their intention to play.

      "We anticipate a much bigger tournament this year, as more teams are supposed to participate," said Ian Jasper, President/Secretary of the Bali International Cricket Club, from the club's HQ in Jalan Danau Poso, Sanur.

      Two teams from Australia, last year's champions, Topenders from Darwin, and a newcomer, The Top and Bottom Club from Cairns, will also participate. The more regular teams from Sumbawa, Jakarta, Sangatta, Surabaya and, of course, three teams from Bali, the Bali Geckos, the Indonesian team Udayana, and the host team, BICC, will also compete.

      The tournament will be played at the Bukit Ground at the Udayana University in Jimbaran. The ground is now a full size cricket ground and is in excellent condition after much attention to make it attractive for all players. The playing pitch is a turf pitch, the only turf pitch in the ICC East Asia - Pacific Region.

      This year the occasion will take the form of a carnival procession at with much to interest all people who come along to enjoy the cricket and the carnival occasion.

      Cricket 6s is a form of cricket which was started in Asia many years ago to enable cricket to be played on the smaller soccer and sports grounds in Asia and Souteast Asia. The matches have only 6 players per team and the fielding team must allocate one player as the wicket-keeper while each other player must bowl one over each of 6 balls. The batsmen in the batting side are limited to a retiring score of 25 runs. The leg-before-wicket rule is not used.

      The main idea is to score runs as quickly as possible in the 5-over Match and so each innings usually lasts only 20 minutes with the match being only 40 minutes long. As a result the scoring is fast and furious with much fun as players try to make runs and with the bowlers trying to limit the score by getting the batsmen out or severely restricting their score by accurate bowling.

      The 6s has been played here in Bali for some 8 years now and is played at Easter time when other countries usually have a 3-day holiday break.

      Indonesian Cricket won the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Award for cricket development in 2003, this is the top world award for the development of cricket, now played in 77 countries. Cricket training and development for Indonesia was developed from Bali.

      Bali International Cricket Club
      Jl Danau Poso 63
      Sanur, Tel. (0361) 270 728



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