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Re: [8thdivmodern] Re: anybody home

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  • Paul Williams
    Thank you. Well said. drumzilla wrote: ...You don t have to agree with our war just support it.
    Message 1 of 132 , Apr 1, 2007
      Thank you.  Well said.

      drumzilla <bukama@...> wrote:
      "...You don't have to agree with our war just support it. Huh?..."

      It's not so much a case of supporting the "war" as it is a case of
      supporting those who have been sent in our stead to fight it! Nobody
      hates war or desires peace more than a soldier.

      No, we shouldn't have gone into Iraq in the first place. The only
      WMD in this whole goat screw was a Weapon of Mass Deception. But we
      ARE there, and there's no way in hell that the troops fighting there
      and elsewhere should EVER expect ANYTHING less from us than whatever
      it takes to support THEM! They DO NOT want to be over there getting
      shot at and bombed. They'd rather be home with their families like
      anyone else. But when you strap on the uniform you take on an
      obligation that must be honored.

      I totally disagree with us having gone into Iraq. It is a quagmire
      from which no objective victory can be plucked. But as long as our
      guys and gals in uniform are there, I will support THEM in any way

      I'll say it if no one else has: There will NEVER be any kind of
      lasting peace in the Middle East. Killing each other is what they do
      over there. It's their raison d'etre. Arabs/muslims are,
      apparently, genetically precluded from living peacefully with their
      neighbors or even themselves for any significant time span. Their
      lives are based on revenge, blind hatred, and distrust of anyone not
      from their family, clan or tribe. They cannot really conceive of
      democracy anyway.

      They want what we have, but know they can never have it. That's why
      they hate us so bad. And they know they're "one trick ponies".
      Without oil they have nothing else to offer the World. Once that's
      gone, or becomes less necessary, the rest of the World won't care if
      they dry up and blow away.

      But as long as we have troops fighting anywhere in the World, THEY
      will have my full support and backing. Support the troops ALWAYS.
      They hate war worse than we do!

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    • craig nutter
      Even though we are a Smarter - Kinder Army I had learned over time (When I was in) as a basic training instructor at Ft. Knox Ky. - 5/15th Cav 89 thru 93
      Message 132 of 132 , Apr 21, 2007
        Even though we are a "Smarter - Kinder " Army I had learned over time (When I was in) as a basic training instructor at Ft. Knox Ky. - 5/15th Cav 89' thru 93' - That if you set the example once - just once - so that all the troops see it.....you will be an effective leader. You have just set the standard that they will know and fear everytime they will work with you. Now you can be the good all around professional you really are. Your troops will know your rath and rage if pushed - and there are always times you can dress down a "Smart one" in front of his peers without raising your voice. That my fellow soldiers is how to let them really know how calm and cunning you are.
              That is what makes us better people in the civilian sector today. We have all been there and done that. There will always be bad examples of old soldiers and current ones in uniform - the non-coms are directly to blame for it... I have been to promotion boards where soldiers who are barely performing - placed in front of the board members that got chewed out so bad I thought they would go directly AWOL when it was over. Then the non-com in charge of that soldier would say it was that soldiers turn.... and the non-com gets no ass chewing from the board. I feel that the old boot soldiers need to grab their collective "Cahones" and put some backbone back into the greatest institution in the world.... The U.S. Army.
        SSG. Craig W. Nutter
        19D30 - and to many identifiers to count
        USA Retred 

        Jim Thomas <jimzsubz@...> wrote:
        Maybe they put it to a vote?

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        In a message dated 3/24/2007 9:47:54 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, runner_ravis@ yahoo.com writes:
         Old soldiers like myself have a hard time coping with the female soldiers and their abilities, and the fact the Army is a "friendlier one". You have to be nice to basic trainees and regular soldiers, and cannot exercise harsh discipline anymore.
        So, do you have to say ''please'' and ''thank you?"  So what happens when you have something unpleasant to do?    Lets say you have a truckload of mortar shells, and its 100 degrees outside. What happens if no one wants to go do it?

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