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  • Matthew Ginn
    Rich, I don t want to drag this out and am certainly not being a dissenter, but I ve been on leave for a couple of weeks and am curious what this guy did to
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 3, 2007
      I don't want to drag this out and am certainly not being a dissenter, but I've been on leave for a couple of weeks and am curious what this guy did to get the heave-ho.  I understand how several different things may have finally added up, but if there was a "spectacular" then I must have missed it while I was away.  Can you clue me in? 
      On 12/30/06, pathfinder8thid@... <pathfinder8thid@...
      > wrote:

      understand...... and agree  but is sad to see some of the x military folks  snap at such a late time in life
      I hope he finds the help he so seriously needs...scouring the entire association site[s] ....[now  94 association pages  and 28 yahoo! group association run sites ]and making sure he never was there ..  Happy Neu Jahr  to everyone and looking forward to reliving more of the "olde times" in the up and coming 2007 !

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      FRONT of them!!!


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      I would like to say how glad I was to see him
      gone from the Group, but that would be so

      So have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


      --- Rich Sonneborn < pathfinder8thid@ verizon.net>

      > Sadly I wish to inform all member of the BAN
      > of one of our members
      > Chrisof139. we have been trying to resolve a
      > few issues in this forum
      > and have met with little success which leaves
      > me no choice but to
      > remove him from this group. Our mission for
      > any and all groups of
      > military design are to provide link-up and
      > memory sharing for people of
      > our kind...We do realize that there are going
      > to be times of dissent
      > and we try to keep everyone informed and happy
      > in these groups. The
      > unwanted SPAM issue was resolved positively by
      > using moderators and we
      > will still continue to monitor and provide a
      > decent atmosphere for you
      > our fellow Brothers and sisters , to share and
      > gather your knowledgs
      > and photos in the 8th ID community of groups.
      > We, the Groups moderators would like to also
      > wish everyone a happy and
      > prosperous up and coming New Year [ PROST NEU
      > JAHR AM ALLE!]

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