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    Nov 7, 2013

      Not a problem.





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      Thank you for sharing, that is great!


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      As most of you know by now, I do this every Veterans Day. I thank someone
      who has somehow impacted my life in one way or another. This makes the sixth
      (6th) year in a row. I hope to keep it going for many more years. Here goes.

      This year I would like to thank, my hero, a gentleman that I met 61 years
      ago. Yes, you heard me right, 61 years ago. My Father, Mr. Robert T. Walker.
      He volunteered for military service during World War II. He was a Private
      First Class in the United States Marine Corps. He landed on Iwo Jima at 0902
      19 February 1945. He was wounded on 10 March 1945 and received the Purple
      Heart for wounds received on Iwo Jima. Just a small wound, "a hole the size
      of a grenade", and shrapnel for life. He met mom after the war, and they
      were married in 1951. You taught us what we needed to know about life. You
      let us fail only to pick us up and teach us again. There was unconditional
      love. The kids in the neighborhood knew it. The teams you coached knew it.
      Yes we bumped head, I thought I knew more than you many a time. It was not
      until I got older that it sank in that he knew what he was talking about.
      There was nothing you did not teach us, from learning how to ride a bike to
      banging golf balls off the back of the house and everything in between. From
      making a bird house in the house on Cherry Street, to learning to swim at
      Tupper Lake, to learning how to throw a ball in the back yard on Locust
      Street. You gave us every opportunity to succeed. You got cancer and you
      would not let that get you down or slow you down. You remained positive
      through all the treatments you had. "Don't think I ever told you this - one
      day, in August 2001, when I was out to lunch with the ladies at the lake,
      Dad and Uncle Joe went to lunch and Dad told Uncle Joe that he was ready to
      go, as he had a good life, a good wife and good children." I just wish you
      were still here so I could thank you in person. I love you.

      Second, Ernie, my brother from another mother. Love you my older brother.
      Mom always liked you best.

      Reverend I can't forget you. Thank you for everything. Hang in there my
      brother. Happy Birthday to your Corps. Tell Mrs. "B." I said hello. Also I
      send my love to you both.

      Also a big thanks to 1SG Devine, SGT Shultz, "V", my brothers Smart and
      Minter, Leon, Steve, Chico where ever you might be, Buckwheat, and last PFC
      John Stahl (USMC). John and Dad are looking down on us from Heaven, because
      when a Marine dies he or she goes to Heaven and guards the Pearly Gates.

      James Randall (Ike) Ikner US Army (26 Oct 2013) and Billy Wade McAlpin US
      Navy (31 Oct 2013), Rest In Peace my brothers.

      Lastly, again, a very big thank you goes out to SFC Lamar. He showed me the
      wrong way to do things so that I learned to do them the right way. Thank

      Robert F. Walker Sr.

      SSG, USA




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