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7232Re: [8thdivmodern] Bad idea, Lee Barracks, 69-71

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  • James Turner
    May 11, 2013
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      Those were strage times, I was at Mannheim Sullivan Bks with 3/68th from 69-71, saw a number of guys end up in Coleman Stockade for messing up.

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      Strange thing happened to a troop I new from the 509th Airborne. It was close to my port call and his also. Every time I would see him we would yell "short,45 days", etc. He was about 3 weeks ahead of me when he messed up bad.
      He lived off post in an apartment, and was growing and drying a bunch of grass with some electric heaters. The apartment caught on fire and of course the fireman and police were very much interested.
      You know what happens, he was arrested and faced both German law and military sentences. I left on my port call and never saw him again?

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