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Re: [88-89page] Severance for Our Twins!

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  • Michele Gast
    Kiersten, Congratulations! That is wonderful. Michele Kiersten Close W_______ wrote: Dear Page Friends-- I just got a call from our twins
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2007
      Congratulations! That is wonderful.

      Kiersten Close W_______ <chadsclan4@...> wrote:
      Dear Page Friends--

      I just got a call from our twins' CPS caseworker. Apparently the
      judge ruled in favor of their severance from their birthmom a month
      earlier than expected! (That means her parental rights have been
      irrevocably terminated) They are officially "adoptable" now. Praise

      So their case will be transferring to an adoptions caseworker at "St.
      Nicholas" (an adoptions agency which handles the adoption of foster
      children for the State of Arizona) within the next two weeks! Once
      the case is transferred to the "adoptions" section, it takes about
      six months to do all the paperwork and get a court hearing date. I
      have been told that because we've adopted twice in Pima County before
      (including one this last May) that that history will help streamline
      things and often helps move things along faster than six months.

      It is so amazing that this time last year we'd been told the twins
      weren't staying with us much longer and had no idea Jessika would be
      coming in two weeks! One year later Jessika's adoption has been
      finalized (in May) and the twins' adoption is imminent!




      For anyone who hasn't yet heard/read up on this story...

      My husband Chad and I have a total of four children all of whom we've
      had in our home since birth. Our oldest daughter (Annika) is 4
      (adoption finalized at 6 months old), we have one-year old twins
      (Luke & Janae) coming to us through foster care (theirs is the only
      adoption not yet finalized), and we have a daughter (Jessika) who is
      three months younger than our twins (adoption finalized this last

      Our oldest daughter came to us from two 16-year-old highschoolers
      through a private "designated" adoption in which the birthparents
      picked us based on our profile and letter of introduction on file
      with our adoption agency. We have an "open adoption" with them which
      means we see them on a voluntary basis a couple times a year at fun
      places like zoos, children's museums, parks etc. This is all on a
      voluntary basis on our part, but it really is best for a child's self-
      image in the long run to know the truth about his/her adoption, and
      even know members of their birth family whenever possible and safe.

      When our oldest was 18-months, we re-enlisted with our adoption
      agency. But adoptions in AZ were very slow at that time and we
      waited 18-months with nothing happening. The caseworker at our
      agency recommended that we also be certified as foster-parents, so we
      would be available for fost-adopt children (children whose cases are
      very close to severance of parental rights and adoptions). In June
      2006 we were certified as foster parents. In early July 2006 we went
      on a 10-day vacation. During a layover on the way home we got a call
      about newborn fost-adopt boy/girl twins. Three hours later we got
      off the airplane and brought home two-day old nearly preemie-size
      twins before our lost luggage even made it home! The twins have had
      many older siblings severed from their birthmom due to incompetence
      and unsafe life-choices. However, within a month, the maternal
      grandparents (who had never been involved or even notified of
      previous cases) stepped forward, wanting to be considered as a
      placement. They had a homestudy done and (this week last year) CPS
      informed us that the twins would be transferred to them "any day".
      Needless to say, we were totally discouraged.

      Yet God was still working out the details of his plans for us...

      Two weeks later, the twins were still with us, and on a Saturday we
      got a call from our adoption agency that we had about an hour to
      decide whether to accept a little girl who had been born in Phoenix
      to a mother who wanted to place her immediately (because
      she was keeping her pregnancy a secret). She didn't want any contact
      and wanted to remain anonymous (which is unusual these days).
      Because she didn't want to know us, the agency picked us because we'd
      been waiting the longest. So along came baby #3 (Jessika).

      Meanwhile, the twins were still in limbo. It turns out the judge had
      reservations about placing them with their grandparents because of
      their grandparents' age and because the twins have severe asthma in
      the winter that requires a lot of care. In late January 2007 the
      judge sent us to a court appointed mediator to see what type of open
      adoption we could have with them. They found out that we are
      certified to adopt at a Christian adoption agency and have an open
      adoption with our oldest's birthparents & grandparents. So
      immediately they gave us their blessing; apparently they had just
      really wanted to see their grandkids a couple times a year and make
      sure they were raised as Christians! (We all agree that birthmom
      will never have direct contact with us because of her history.)

      So tada! We were suddenly on the road to becoming parents of three
      infants--the adoption equivalent of triplets!

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