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Would You Spend $5 to Make $10,000?

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  • Karen
    ============================================== REPLY TO THIS EMAIL WITH THE WORD REMOVE IN THE SUBJECT LINE to have your e-mail address permantly deleted
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      to have your e-mail address permantly deleted from our files at no cost to you.
      All requests to to stop further e-mail from this sender will be promptly honored,
      in compliance with proposed new e-mail legislation: SECTION 301,
      Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618.


      Here are instructions on how to make as much as $10,000 US cash or even more in the
      next 2 weeks:

      There are 3 addresses listed below. Send the person at the top of the list a $5 bill
      wrapped in 2 pieces of paper (to securely hide it), along with a note that says: "Please
      add me to your mailing list".

      Then delete that name, move the other 2 up and put your name at the bottom.

      Now start sending this ENTIRE e-mail back out to people. When 20 people receive it,
      those 20 people should move your name up to the middle position and each send out 20.
      That would be 400 people that would receive this letter with your name in the middle.

      Then, those 400 people move your name up to the top and each send out 20 E-mails.
      That totals 8,000 people that eventually would receive this E-mail with your name at the
      top and they should each send you a $5 bill.

      8,000 people each sending you a $5 bill = $40,000 cash.
      That's if everyone responds to this E-mail, but not everyone
      will, so you can expect more realistically to receive up to
      $10,000 cash $5 bills in your mailbox.

      This will work for anyone, anywhere in the world in any country, but send only a US CASH
      $5 bill.

      Remember, the more E-mails you send out, the more cash you could receive. If each
      person sends out 100 E-mails, there will be 1,000,000 people that receive this letter when
      your name reaches the top. If only 1% of those people respond, you could still get as
      much as $50,000 cash.

      Everyone who sends that five dollar bill should include a note that says, "Please add me
      to your mailing list". This simple note makes the letter legal because you are exchanging a
      service (adding the purchasers name to his mailing list) for a $5 fee.

      Here is the list:
      Lenny White
      5012 Dull Knife Drive
      Austin, TX 78759

      C.D. Drewyor
      2002-D Monito Way
      Bryan, TX 77807

      Karen Borne
      392 Main Street
      Sudbury, ON
      P3A 1T3

      THERE'S NOTHING MORE TO DO. When your name reaches the top in a few days,
      you should start receiving $5 bills from other people just
      like you, who are willing to invest a $5 bill to receive $10,000 cash.

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It's just $5.00....go for it!
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