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230359File - Group rules as of 03 September 2009

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  • 7x10minilathe@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 6, 2014
      The group is exceptional. It was originally creted to offer counsel in matter of machining but old hands on the group had established a convention that all matters whatever are premitted for discussion and all opinions are permitted to be expressed. fierce political discussions are used by the members to while away the "dead air" between machining enquiries. Newcomers are advised that at time a strong stomack can be required. However, be not put off by the "off topic" discussions. Ask any machining question you may have and it will be prompty answered.

      Now for the rules:

      1: No member is permitted to speak disparagingly of another member, let alone insult him. I, as moderator and co-owner of the group is the sole arbiter of what is insulting and disparaging. Be warned. The penalty for the first transgression after 0001 hours 03 September 2009 is to be placed on moderation. A second transgression will result in banishment.

      2: Public figures (past, present elected politicians (and person who have publically announced candidacy), civil servants of sufficient rank to affect a nations political fortunes may be have their actions and activities discussed in a civil fashion. Such persons are to be referred to by proper name or formal title. Epithets, insults and disparagements and diminutives will not be tolerated regardless of how much you or I may loathe the person in question. I say again: Discussion is to be confined to the activities of such persons. Penalties as under 1. above.

      3: Family members of persons cited in 2: above are NOT to be discussed. Penalties as under 1 above.

      4: Due to the propensity for name-calling that is characteristic of some members of this group, certain characterizations must be specifically highlighted so that members will know with certainty that they are not to be indulged in. To call a member of the group a "nazi" or any variant of that appellation and to imply in any manner whatever that a member is a "nazi" is cause for immediate banishment. A public figure, or a person in the news may be referred to as a nazi where the context is requires it but ONLY if the person has been found so to be by a competent court. The same rules apply to the word "commie" and all of the variants of that appellation.

      5: Further rules may be promulgated from time to time if in my judgment members still fail to moderate themselves.

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