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230349Re: [7x10minilathe] Re: OT: Subaru engine wiring

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  • Andy M
    Jun 15, 2014
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      GDay Roylowenthal@yahoo,

      I have seen some single cam engines here, but the bulk are DOHC. I'm not
      sure, but I think we did initially get the SOHC variant to start with,
      they could have been 'grey' imports though.

      I know we had the first WRX here in 1994 and there were base models (non
      turbo, basic trim level) here before that, but I don't think they were
      sold in great numbers here.

      Here's a little known fact for you about Subaru, did you know they
      supplied Aircraft to the Japanese during WWII?

      It was only after WWII that they started building cars.

      Andy M

      roylowenthal@... [7x10minilathe] wrote:
      > Are the Australian ones SOHC or DOHC? The US one is SOHC; somewhere I've
      > gotten the impression that most of the ones outside the US are DOHC &
      > weren't marketed as econo-boxes to little old ladies.
      > Roy
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