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229956RE: Lathe Bed Regrinding

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  • buffumjr18
    Feb 3, 2014

      The depth of wear on the 90 degree ridge, near the headstock, is .004".  The ridge nearest the operator is .002".  Hmmm. Am I being too picky?


      This is a quote, with credits, from cnczone.com.  I'll definitely be checking this out.  Could not find a website, but did find an address and phone number.

      Advance Precision Grinding Co
      29739 Groesbeck Hwy
      Roseville, MI 48066
      (586) 773-1330



      keitholivier keitholivier is offline Registered

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      Jul 2007

      Folks, I did find an outfit in Detroit that had excellent references (from a machine rebuilder) they are Advance Precision grinding. The person I spoke to was Bill, and he said that their going rate for smaller lathe beds is $100/ft. That would make it about $500 for the regrind on this lathe. I did have bids all the way up to $2500, so it just shows that this is somewhat of a supply / demand problem.


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