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229950Re: [7x10minilathe] RE: File - Group rules as of 03 September 2009

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  • Ian Newman
    Feb 2, 2014
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      Hi B,

      I don't think you need to worry about the application of the group "rules" or being chastised by the moderators for any postings.

      Dave_m has repeatedly made false accusations about me, accusing me of being an "outright liar" when I pointed out that LaPierre, speaking on behalf of the NRA, did not tell the truth.

      Even though Dave_m has agreed that LaPierre was not truthful and has even gone so far as to say that no members of the NRA believe LaPierre's statement, he has never had the courage or integrity to admit that he made an error in his accusations about me, and to apologies for his mistake.

      I believe that Dave_m is a moderator on this group, and this could well be why he can get away with acting towards other members of the group in a way that would see him banned on any other group.

      All the best,

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      Ah.  To shape the board, at least somewhat, so it doesn't become all raves.
      Not an easy task.
      OK.  But, sometimes some of us may feel very strongly about certain people in certain movements or political offices.  Sometimes the antics of a family member are hard to ignore. E.g. Billy Carter.  I guess there are genteel ways of mentioning these, or code words that are not banned.  My Dad used to look at a thug's picture on TV and mumble, "A student of the classics".  We all knew what he meant.
      Still, we of the Conservative orientation, are placed at a significant disadvantage.  The Liberal can always say "racist" or "hater", even if it is not appropriate, or has nothing to do with the person or situation.  We are left with trying merely to state such as we know, without "coloring" it.  That way, the Lib's language has more impact.
      I'll watch and wait, to see how these rules are applied.

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