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229945OT: Anyone Going To Cabin Fever Expo?

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  • buffumjr18
    Feb 2, 2014
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      Cabin Fever Expo, in York, PA, Apr 11-13.  A home shop machinists'show-and-tell.  Machinery auctions, small parts sales,  Take lots of photos.  Meet your favorite magazine authors.  Eat greasy food.  Swap phone numbers and emails.


      One of the most interesting displays was an elevated railroad track, running actual coal fired steam locomotives.  Another was a steam launch fired by Rudy Kouhoupt's reversible steam engine.  It was up for auction.


      I MAY buy a small horizontal mill to play around with.  They changed the bidding rules.  May get left out.  Don't know.  Last year, they had about 10 of 'em.