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229941Re: [7x10minilathe] RE: File - Group rules as of 03 September 2009

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  • ian_new
    Jan 16, 2014
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      Hi Dave,


      Two weeks ago I posted this reply to your incoherent ranting in which you made incorrect and unfounded accusations against me (again).


      We both know that you cannot justify your false accusations so it would be polite of you to acknowledge that you are in error, especially as you agree with me that LaPierre, speaking on behalf of the NRA, made a totally untrue statement about the Florida "stand your ground" legislation.


      Whether LaPierre deliberately lied or was simply so incompetent that he could not express the facts correctly, is not an issue I or you can comment on - the only point is that he said something that was untrue.


      On this point we are in total agreement.


      All the best,


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