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  • Ian Newman
    Jan 2, 2014
      Hi Dave,

      Good to see you are still around.

      In the post below you state:
      Just for the record.  Ian, you lied.  I have never seen you retract your statement and the facts hold their own

      I assume you are referring to our on-going discussions about LaPierre. I have not lied about LaPierre's lack of truthfulness, there is nothing for me to retract, and you have never presented any facts that "hold their own" and contradict my statement - in fact you agree with me:

      Let's recap on the message history regarding my observations on the NRA and your agreement with my statement that LaPeirre did not tell the truth.

      I stated in message 226550:
      Both you and I know that the NRA would not let a little thing like the truth get in the way of voicing an opinion.
      In message 226620 - along with two other examples - I linked to an interview with LaPierre, acting as a spokesman for the NRA voicing an opinion on the "stand your ground" law in Florida that was untrue.
      After a good deal of discussion, you agreed that LaPierre was not 100% correct - in message 227918 you say:
      was he 100% correct, no.

      in message 227932 you say the same thing more forcfully:
      bottom line,
      la pierre was not correct.

      By the time we get to message 228383 you say:
      The overwhelming majority of the NRA disagree with that interview.
      Being educated and logical people, they KNOW that in the video, it shows him as saying one thing that contradicts the very statute that he is speaking about.
      What will it take to get it through to you that NO ONE supports that statement, not even la pierre.

      Neither LaPierre or any other spokesman for the NRA has acknowledged LaPierre's error, or retracted his comment.
      As shown in the above three posts, you agree that LaPierre did not tell the truth in the interview.

      As you agree that I was correct about LaPierre, acting as spokesman of the NRA, made a statement that was untrue, I do not see why you persist in calling me a liar.  Please point out the statements that I have made that you consider lie, and show any evidence you have to contradict my statements and back up your allegations.

      All the best,

      On 29 Dec 2013, at 15:22, <dave_mucha@...> wrote:


      since Ian lied about the NRA and tried to make a very lame attempt to push his case that one comment in one interview reflected on the entire NRA, and then totaly refused to compare to the president who lies daily and has an entire armada of people who perpetuate those lies, it is hard to discuss honesty with Ian.

      Just for the record.  Ian, you lied.  I have never seen you retract your statement and the facts hold their own.

      you totally refuse to accept that someone can miss one word in a live interview and has ZERO people agree. have NONE of your own statement attempt to support is and no backing of ANY of your organization to try to 'make you right'

      I am not sure how many times you need me too repeat this.

      I just stop replying to you as you seem to be unable to accept and move on.

      but, based you your past posts, I could use your idea that since you lied once, everything you do is a lie.

      but, that is not the way I see things.  you were wrong and have made multiple vain attempts to get me to agree to your lie.


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