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RE: [7mm NGA] WHR Baldwin

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  • Frank Sharp
    Robin, Thanks for the links, there’s a couple of shots that if I can get them into Photoshop and lighten the cab I might just be able to see enough. I’m
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 11, 2008

      Thanks for the links, there’s a couple of shots that if I can get them into
      Photoshop and lighten the cab I might just be able to see enough. I’m wary
      of the GVT version, Bagnall I think it was did a lot of work on it, cost
      the GV £3000 which was more than a new loco would have cost.



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      Robin Edwards
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      Hi Frank,

      I can't lay my hands on the information that I have in mind at the moment -
      I know that I put it in a very safe place (too safe so now even I can't find

      it!), however I think when I was looking at this in the dim & distant past I

      concluded that there was a simple coal hole on the LHS. I think this was in
      a photo of the Glyn Valley Tramway Baldwin. This would make sense to me as
      the locos were right-hand drive, although I assumed that there was a
      corresponding coal hole on the RHS too as it would have been very difficult
      to get the coal out of such a narrow bunker. Sorry that I can't help more,
      I wish I could get over to Leighton Buzzard to have a look. The following
      two links feature some interesting detail shots including the cab and I
      enjoyed the time it took to trawl through them.

      http://chappers. <http://chappers.fotopic.net/c1276167.html>

      http://chappers. <http://chappers.fotopic.net/c1358048.html>

      (I hope these links work!)

      Good luck with your project - I really must get on and finish my Snailbeach



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      Subject: [7mm NGA] WHR Baldwin

      > All, but perhaps especially Roy Link,
      > At last I've dug out my Wrightlines Baldwin and made a start. The kit
      > seems
      > to have a 'bit of a reputation' but it is going together fairly well,
      > though
      > with several alterations. The original design used a Triang XO4 motor
      > which
      > occupied the cab. I've avoided that with a Hi Level Gear Box with an
      > extension, so the cab is clear. There is no cab interior detail provided,
      > but I have the NGRS booklet and a lot of pictures taken at the WHR 1964,
      > one
      > lot with the 'scrap' on a wagon just being delivered and some a year later
      > laid out on the floor a Gelert's farm. The drawing in the NGRS booklet
      > which
      > is by Roy shows the boiler backplate and I have a bit of a photo of it, so

      > I
      > think I can concoct that. At the back of the cab, and shown in Roy's plan
      > view is an upright 'partition, shaped like a V with the apex cut off. This
      > is obviously the coal bunker. However my photo of the bits on the back of
      > the lorry shows what might either be a shelf along the cab back, partly
      > over
      > the coal space, or it might be the floor. There is a coal 'hole' on the
      > RHS
      > of the partition (right as standing in cab looking forward), was there one
      > on the LHS?
      > Please, has anyone any information that might help?
      > I've posted my picture on 0-14 in my photo album Garrett G16 and on the
      > 7mm
      > NGA group at the end of Cussing Clarke Trestle Bridge. The cab back/bunker
      > just shows behind the tanks, it is laid on its face with the cab rear and
      > rack for the water lifting pipe uppermost.
      > Apologies for cross posting.
      > Frank
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      > This group is:
      > 1 - for people interested in modelling narrow gauge railways in 7mm:1ft
      > scale or thereabouts
      > 2 - not restricted to members of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association although

      > membership of said organisation is thoroughly recommended
      > 3 - moderated by current serving members of the 7mm Narrow Gauge
      > Association committee
      > Yahoo! Groups Links

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    • daveandbec2001
      Hi Frank, I have dug out my Baldwin photos, but alas, they don t show the coal bunker! Theres lots of well lit close-ups of wheels, pipes, valve gear etc,
      Message 2 of 10 , Feb 12, 2008
        Hi Frank,

        I have dug out my Baldwin photos, but alas, they don't show the coal
        bunker! Theres lots of well lit close-ups of wheels, pipes, valve
        gear etc, would you still like them? I probably wont have time to
        send them until after Shepton.

        All the best,

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        > David,
        > Thanks for the offers, I'll take up any chance of photos of the back
        > of the cab, but there's no way I'll be coming to Shepton. Last time
        I was in
        > that area it was at Huntsman Polyurethanes, who had just taken over from
        > ICI. Their sales manager, who I knew reasonably well had just a
        fortnight to
        > retirement and 2 weeks holiday due. He was trying to sell me their
        > carpet which had ICI logos all over it. His new boss, who he obviously
        > didn't like was getting somewhat p*ssed off by the time I left.
        > You might be right that it's the ex Duxford loco. I photographed the
        > arriving in Portmadoc one year, and the year after all the bits in
        the shed
        > at Gelert's Farm, but second time I cannot recall seeing the bunker, and
        > certainly I've no pictures.
        > I reckon I've cracked the 'hide the motor' problem with as you say, High
        > Level and an extension box. I've had to pin locate the boiler to the
        cab so
        > I can slide the boiler off the motor, so now I can add a back to the
        > There seem to be a lot of bits here and there which aren't in the kit. I
        > have the NGRS booklet, and as usual, once you start to look
        carefully, there
        > are variations. I think anyone who writes a book a on any railway
        > should get a modeller to build whatever it is, we have to look much
        > than the 'straight' railway enthusiast. I have the HMRS book on Brunel's
        > timber viaducts, I set out to draw one out in 7mm with a vague 'one day'
        > hope of a model, no way were they built exactly to the great man's
        > Having spent some time trying to work out how to replace the pillars
        at the
        > back of the cab with angle iron, I've just tonight woken up to the
        fact that
        > the WHR added a back to the cab, and the supports won't be visible
        > I've drilled and filed out all the half etched holes in the frames.
        I think
        > this kit has a bit of a reputation in that it doesn't have a running
        > and so until you get quite a lot of it together you aren't able to
        check how
        > sub assemblies fit. The instructions say somewhere that it isn't a
        > beginner's kit, but actually, so far, and bearing in mind that I've
        > quite a bit of it, there haven't been any traumas.
        > If it runs as smoothly as yours when it's done it will do, however
        > have to knock in your track by 2½ millimetres to try it.
        > Hope all goes well at Shepton, isn't this the full Monty this time, both
        > layouts running together, you'll need two whistles.
        > Frank
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      • Taylor, David
        Hi Frank, Forgot to mention, I too fitted a normal hatch to each side of the coal bunker, on the angled section. I m sure I ve seen a photo of it somewhere,
        Message 3 of 10 , Feb 12, 2008
          Hi Frank,

          Forgot to mention, I too fitted a normal hatch to each side of the coal
          bunker, on the angled section. I'm sure I've seen a photo of it
          somewhere, but no idea where it was.


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          Subject: RE: [7mm NGA] WHR Baldwin

          Much obliged for the pictures, I even thought it was mine when I saw the
          brass cab floor!

          I've made a start with the valve gear, and may split fork some of it. I
          think I can see that you've left the centre flanges as well. I still
          have a chance to remove them as 590, but I'm a bit worried, that as the
          centre axle can spring downwards as well as upwards, it may just drop
          into the 2ft on tight bends. I could of course pack the bearings so it
          cannot drop. I'll make up a transparent sheet with the wheel tread
          thicknesses marked, run it over the tightest curve on my test circuit
          and see what I think then.

          A bit late for you now, as the main bits are together, but I've used
          Carr's 'new' 100 solder on a few parts, and it flows better than the 70,
          and will take directly to non whitemetal parts. Baker's No 3 flux, use
          it for everything, but needs a good wash afterwards, and the odd soak in
          a weak solution of baking powder, bicarbonate of soda doesn't go amiss.

          That cab back screen, it ran without if for a start, then it was added
          with sides, vertical boards, virtually to the doorway, and later cut
          back to the edge of the curved back corner. Source pictures in NGRS
          booklet. There is one picture dated 1934, without it, I suspect the
          date, but it might have been removable in summer, anyone know. It is
          certainly on pictures from an earlier date.

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