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Re: [7mmnga] Re: New File 'A Mini Project Section'

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  • Dave Balcombe
    Subject: [7mmnga] Re: New File A Mini Project Section In light of this I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2002
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      Subject: [7mmnga] Re: New File 'A Mini Project Section'
      <<What a good idea.  I shall have a go at your method of producing a
      In light of this I have added a further file to the folder
      <<Perhaps this file area could also be used to post
      responses, to queries, which are mini projects in their own right!>>
      I agree,we could all get more use from this facility.

      <<We will all have to get our thinking caps on.

      Peter Whitehead>>
      'All' is the operative word. I'm quite happy to put these files up but there are others among us who can do the same and even better than me.
      I don't want to be 'One engine in steam!'


      Dave Balcombe UK

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