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  • Steve Waterfield
    Hi Roger, Good to see you on the 7mm list. I was amused by your comments on the Japanese Narrow Gauge as aside from my 7mm NG modelling (part of Tidmeric
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      Hi Roger,
      Good to see you on the 7mm list. I was amused by your comments on the
      Japanese Narrow Gauge as aside from my 7mm NG modelling (part of Tidmeric
      Minerals team - at Telford a couple of weeks ago) and a small diorama 14mm
      gauge layout 'Petroc Quarries' I am also Secretary for the Japanese Railway
      Society, an interest I got into in the same way as yourself, in fact I am
      off to Yokohama again tomorrow. As you say, the ultimate in narrow gauge.
      Apart from the Cape gauge stuff however there were in the good/bad old days
      significant 'real' NG lines as well. Mostly 762mm gauge with a fair
      smattering of (mostly German) imports and of course the Kiso Forest lines
      with their American Shays. A lot of the NG lines were forest or mines based
      but there were also a few rural general carriers for agricultural and
      passenger traffic lasting up to the early 60's so diesel railcars and locos
      were to be found. In the suburban areas narrow gauge interurbans ran until
      quite recently, I think the last in the Kyoto area was part regauged about
      five or six years ago and the rest of the route abandoned. Information in
      English, especially on the true NG lines is almost non existent and it is
      very frustrating as there are lots of good books published.
      For anyone interested in Japanese Railways, especially the big fast on time
      variety our web site is worth a look at:


      Steve Waterfield

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      > Hi,
      > Just joined the list and thought that I would introduce myself.
      > My name is Roger Brown and I live just outside Gloucester, round the
      corner from Robin Edwards of 'Dyffryn' fame. As you can guess, we
      collaborate on many things, mostly railway orientated, but our wive's
      interest in horses sometimes encroaches on to our activities!
      > You may recall my railway, it is Syreford Station, based on a Cotswold
      'might have been'. It appeared in the May 1999 British Railway Modelling
      > Syreford has been to over 50 exhibitions since first appearing in 1989 at
      the GMRC show as the 'layout under construction'. Robin has been my fellow
      conspirator and has helped me run the layout at all but 1 or 2 shows. I
      still have one or two bookings into 2002!
      > I am currently working on plans for 'son of Syreford' which will be the
      next station down the line, Whittington. This will be able to run on its own
      or as an extension to Syreford. I thought I had the details sorted, but a
      trip to the Gala day at Amberley soon put paid to that and I am now trying
      to fit in the bottle type lime kilns that I saw there! Watch this space!
      > Just spent 2 weeks in Japan for work, where I had to commute every day by
      train on the ultimate narrow gauge system!
      > 60 - 70 mph on overhead electric 3' 6'' gauge - on time, packed with
      people and trains every few minutes. Wonderful! My colleague went out
      earlier to a different part of the country and joined me via 350km on the
      Bullet Train - even faster, but then, that is on standard gauge.
      > Look forward to talking to you all,
      > Roger
      > PS you may wonder at my E-mail address, but you try getting a sensible
      address with a common (sorry - popular) name like Brown. So, it is the name
      of my wife's horse on which I used to compete, but now my daughter rides her
      and does better, darn it!
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