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L&M min radius

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  • Julian Ashworth
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      <Im wondering if anyone can advise of a practical minimum radius for the
      Slaters L&M 2-6-4T kit in 7mm scale. I'm doing some layout planning.>

      In fact the min radius is less than you'd expect, especially from a loco with quite a long overhang at the back. This will affect what sort of couplings you use (an issue I haven't sorted out yet). I will check tonight but I would guess my curves are probably about 2' 6", and it traverses them no problem; in fact my points are sharper still and it can overcome those. I took a bit off the brass chassis and whitemetal front pony truck to allow for extra movement there which is necessary on curves as tight as mine.

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